MONT.BLACK's journey began back in 2017 when our founder broke his adjustable ski pole while trying to stand back up after a fall (he swears it wasn't a tantrum). He started to wonder whether the poles he had owned for years were actually worth replacing. Changing lengths for different scenarios provided huge advantages but was too slow, broke up the flow and often wasn't worth the effort. Not to mention how fragile adjustable poles can be. This conclusion is what, later that year, gave rise to the idea behind the ATP-01. A pole that could be adjusted at the press of a button on the handle, designed to be maximise utility and strength while removing all dead weight.


After researching the available products it was apparent that the alpine pole industry as a whole was lacking. Year on year releasing the same unrefined products with small changes and gimmicks. There was no saving the existing designs, the pole needed to be redesigned from scratch.

Snowy Mountain

And so MONT.BLACK was born, a UK based alpine equipment manufacturer made up of mechanical engineers with a passion for the outdoors and a drive to change the industry. As engineers it seemed clear to us that more focus needed be put on utilising recent technological advancements and precision engineering. Allowing us to produce higher quality products that better meet your needs. So that's what we decided to do.


Since then, our initial design solution has been continuously refined and developed iteration after iteration, prototype after prototype for 4 years, until we felt we had truly created the perfect solution to bring to market.


Heart & Hands


Climate Neutral

Excellence - Utility, Quality & Reliability


We are lucky enough to be working in an industry that revolves around the thing that makes us happiest, this is not lost on us. Our passion for what we do is what drives and inspires us. We will always strive to make innovative products that embody this passion and improve the experience for everyone.

It's going to be a lot harder to ski if there isn't any snow left, so lets do something about it. It is our view that the environmental responsibility of a product should lie largely with the manufacturer as well as the consumer. As a result we will always strive to produce the most sustainable products possible. To us, this means net zero carbon emissions over our life cycle, zero plastic packaging and responsibly sourced materials. 

We will always aim to be the gold standard in each of these areas, because if not, we are no better than the industry we are trying to improve upon.

  • Our innovations will aim to improve your experience, not just be fit for purpose

  • They will always be made in Europe using quality assured parts.​

  • Every product will be thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure nothing but the best ever reaches the customer.

We don't just want to gain customers, we want to create a community. We want you to be as excited as us when we release a new product. Our community is important to us so we want to get you involved, testing, reviewing, everything. We are designing products for you after all so why not listen to your opinion.