Introducing our version of the alpine pole. Adjustable at the press of a handle mounted button, it enables you to be instantly adaptable without the fuss associated with traditional methods. 


See full specs below.



Key Features:

  • Useable Range 100-140cm

  • 5cm Increments

  • 280g Per Pole

  • £58 Per Pole (£114 Per Set)

black pole copy.jpg

Tungsten Carbide Tip

Changeable Baskets

Stainless Steel Locks

Easy Adjust Strap

Recessed Button

Aluminium 7075 T6

EVA Foam Handle


Mont.Black was founded to improve upon the current snowsports industry, basing products on consumer needs, maximising utility not profit. We are combining our background in mechanical engineering and a passion for the sport to create obsessively designed products that improve your experience and are easy to use.


We know that the benefits of an adjustable pole cannot be understated. However, the current products available are falling short. As well as being expensive, heavy and easily bent, they take too long to adjust. This means people rarely utilise the full potential and is where our design aims to help.


Our main goal is to improve your experience on all terrain. Helping you adjust lengths on the move and get that feeling of maximum efficiency when a descent just flows from one section to another. Heres how we like to use the pole:​

how we use it.gif
  • 40 cm Range (100cm-140cm)

  • Shaft - Aluminium 7075 T6

  • Tip - Tungsten Carbide

  • Handle - EVA Foam

  • 280g Per Pole

  • Shaft: 16/18 mm

  • £58 Per Pole (£114 Per Set)

  • 80 mm and 40 mm Baskets

  • 2 x Rubber Tips

IMG_0859 copy.jpg

When designing our take on the adjustable pole we weren't willing to compromise compared to the products currently available. We pushed to achieved a strong, light, affordable product while still adding our new adjusting feature.


Help Bring the Pole to Market


Along with our current product we have five more unique innovations in the pipeline for the coming years, so stick around.