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For Release March 30th

Alpine Equipment Start-up, MONT.BLACK® Unveils Next Gen All Terrain Pole Offering Adjustability at the Press of a Button

Leeds, UK (Mar. 30, 2021) – When it comes to hiking, skiing and other alpine activities, adjustable poles can offer huge advantages. However, up until now, most were fragile, cumbersome, and slow to adjust. Today, MONT.BLACK launch their brand new alpine pole on Indiegogo. First of its kind, the ATP-01 is adjustable at the press of a handle-mounted button and enables the user to change the length quickly and easily without stopping to fiddle with clasps.

“Over the past four years, we have dedicated ourselves to redesigning the adjustable pole from the ground up” said Dominic Box, creator and founder of MONT.BLACK. “Our poles are designed to have maximum utility and strength while removing all deadweight. We have created, what we believe to be, the perfect all terrain pole.”

The MONT.BLACK story began with a snap. When founder Dominic Box broke his pole and began searching for a replacement, he quickly came to the conclusion that the current available products were unimaginative and poorly engineered. Equipped with a Masters in Mechanical Engineering, Box founded MONT.BLACK and began developing the solution.

“Our goal was to improve user experience on all terrains,” said Box. “We wanted people to get the most out of the adjustability, rather than underutilising it as they had done in the past. Even we couldn’t have begun to imagine how satisfying the end product would be to use.”

For MONT.BLACK, sustainability is key. With a product geared towards the outdoors, MONT.BLACK promises to keep climate positivity at the centre of their operating practices, going further than carbon neutrality in pledging to offset 115% of their carbon footprint.

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About MONT.BLACK Founded in 2017, MONT.BLACK is a British alpine equipment manufacturer, driven by mechanical engineering expertise and a passion for outdoor sports. MONT.BLACK was born from the belief that the products currently available to consumers were simply the same ideas, recycled year on year, never refined. Their aim was to change this, producing reliable innovations using precision engineering and cutting edge technologies. For more information, visit their website at

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